Renatar Innovation Group Co., Ltd. is a leading company in distributing supplement products under the brand “RENATAR”. The products are of domestically and globally recognized standards. With adherence to the principle of “manufacturing for own-consuming”, we place importance on the selection of good quality materials and control of all production stages to be up to the standard and for optimal safety and efficiency. Our products are developed so that they achieve the GMP codex and Thai FDA (Food and Drug Administration)’s approvals, and they are produced by an InterTex-certified manufacturing plant. Recently, RENATAR’s products are Halal certified, so the products are able to broadly reach more consumers.

Company Profile


To produce good quality products which protect and take care of you for 24 hours and importantly with integrity since we prefer long term growth for our business

To be a company that can create income for people who are looking for an opportunity to increase their income and change their ways of lives

We aim to make Renatar a good society and that all people joining it are like a family.

“Success depends not on simplicity or difficulty,
but on whether you really want it.”

Mr. Chalin Hattakijkowit​

Co-Founder of Renatar Innovation Group

“Money is a part of the business’ gains,
but what we want the most is
to enhance quality of life for Thais.”

Mr. Nakrob Mangkornhong

Co-Founder of Renatar Innovation Group

Renatar Innovation Group Co., Ltd. is gradually and continuously growing through care and paying attention to every production step for good quality products. From the official sales agents’ application date in November 2017 until December 2017, we had sales of 5 million baht in total. Within only 1 year, we could have a total sales amount of 100 million baht. With good feedback received resulting from our aim for good quality products, we are determined to develop and improve the products’ quality for the best benefits of consumers.